Polytune Mini Power-Out Mod

Regular price $35.00

Save an extra spot on your pedalboard power supply with this mod! Allows you to power both your tuner and another pedal by plugging your tuner’s main power jack into your power supply, while connecting another pedal to the newly added “power-out” jack on your Polytune Mini (extra power cable not included).


Note: This is a pedal modification service! You are not buying a pedal, you are purchasing a mod service. After purchasing the mod through the store, we will send you an email which will include our address to send the pedal to.  Please make sure your pedal is fully functional before sending it out! After performing the mod on your pedal, we will send it back to the shipping address you provided, ready to play!

Power current limits vary per pedal power supply. If the sum of the current draw of your tuner and extra pedal exceeds that of your specific power supply output, it not recommended that you use that output. Polytune Mini Tuners require 40ma of current, so just add that number to the current draw of your pedal that you want to connect to the tuner’s newly added power-out jack. 

It is also important to note that your tuner and attached pedal of choice are no longer receiving “isolated” power regardless of the power supply in question. This in essence is connecting the two pedals in a “daisy-chain” power configuration. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not connect digital pedals to your tuner’s power out, as those typically prefer isolated power.