DL4 Mod: Replace LEDs

Regular price $30.00

Another great visual change is swapping the cheap, diffused, red LEDs for high-quality water-clear LEDs. These come in white, pink, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange, but they are all clear when off.

*Should you want a different color (or a mixture of colors), please select “Other” in the LED drop-down bar and I will email you to confirm your desired LED colors.*

Note: This is a pedal modification service! You are not buying a pedal, you are purchasing a mod service. After purchasing the mod through the store, we will send you an email which will include our address to send the pedal to.  Please make sure your pedal is fully functional before sending it out. After performing the mod on your pedal, we will send it back to the shipping address you provided, ready to play!